These are extraordinary times we are experiencing - so let's document them!

I can't help but think our kids will have lived through this historic time and won’t remember any of it, so I've created a COVID-19 time capsule!

You can use this time capsule to document your time in lockdown with your kids and to remember what is becoming one of the biggest moments in our lifetime. You can print one for each child and make it into a fun activity you do all together.

They can answer questions, collect newspaper clippings, take photos and draw pictures. It’s the perfect way for you and your family to remember the significance of this time that will go down in history.

I have made two versions - a colour and a black and white version.

Click on the images below to download.

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free cover-19 time capsule for kids



free cover-19 time capsule for kids



Stay safe, look after each other, and remember we are all in this together 🥰



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