About Truly Amor

Martha Vivian - Founder of Truly Amor

Based in Melbourne, Australia, my vision was to create quality keepsake journals that stand the test of time. Journals that will be cherished and passed down from generation to generation. I’ve always loved writing in journals and enjoyed reading them after years have passed.

At Truly Amor, we have a passion for superior design and premium quality keepsake books. Our precious books are an ideal gem for therapy and creativity, and a perfect place to document all of life’s precious memories and moments.

I have designed the journals with a mix of classic inspiration and contemporary minimalist style that won’t date in the years to come. Every journal is designed using thoughtful prompts on every page, helping to transfer wonderful memories from your heart to paper. I have made sure that each question has been carefully thought out and formulated to document all the important moments you wish would never end - the moments that pass so quickly.

I enjoy technology and especially how it can be used to connect us, however at Truly Amor we absolutely love the personalised art of handwriting. In this busy rushed world we live in its so important to take the time to slow down, ground yourself and connect the mind with the hand, writing one word at a time.

Superior quality, and made to last a lifetime, these journals are made to be passed on to loved ones for years to come. They are meant to be cherished and to become an heirloom for your family.

I hope you enjoy the journey of making connections between thoughts, feelings and memories with a handwritten Truly Amor journal.

I hope you love it as much as I do!

Martha Vivian