About Truly Amor

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Truly Amor is an elegant brand creating exciting new keepsake books.

We mix classic inspiration and contemporary minimalist designs to create high-quality, timeless books that will help you tell your story. Truly Amor books are unique, innovative and reflect our dedication to producing luxury keepsake books.

Our passion for superior design, coupled with your written words, ensures your Truly Amor journal will be filled with important memories and moments to become a statement piece on your bookshelf.

It feels so natural to send texts and emails, quickly typing out messages within seconds. We love technology and how it connects us, but believe in the personalised art of handwriting. Taking the time to slow down, connect the mind with the hand, and write one word at a time. It's a cathartic experience and this feeling should not be lost.

Many people choose to document their lives through social media. Handwriting is an art form, rich in tradition, and a means of expression. We encourage you to consider our authentic form of documentation to capture your memories as it's more personal than clicking a button.

Superior quality, and made to last a lifetime, our journals are designed to be passed on to loved ones for years to come. Enjoy the journey of making important connections between thoughts, feelings and memories with a handwritten Truly Amor journal. 

Discover the many benefits, both practical and mental, to owning a Truly Amor journal. A hidden gem for therapy and creativity, and a place to truly reflect and document life's moments.