Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! Enter your International address and the cost will come up.

What if I entered my address incorrectly?

If your address was entered incorrectly email us at info@trulyamor.com.au and we can fix it for you.

What if my package is lost?

Unfortunately, we are not responsible for lost/undelivered packages once it leaves our premises and verified by tracking information. If your package gets lost, we recommend filing a claim through Australia Post or going through your credit card company to receive a refund. 

What is the best way to print photos for my journal?

This question is answered in our Journal Care Guide. Download it here.

Will you be stocking a wider variety of journals in the near future?

Of course! We are always working on, and brainstorming, new ideas for our journals. A few ideas we are working on right now are a children's journal, travel journal and a recipe journal. If you have any ideas for new journals, please let us know. We would love to hear your ideas!

How should I paste my photographs into the Truly Amor Books?

 This question is answered in our Journal Care Guide. Download it here.

What size photos will work in the Truly Amor Books?

For most of the photo spaces in our books, this best size photo would be square 10cm x 10cm

For the Bebé book, in the ‘Over the years, photos of you’ section we have used passport size images 4.5cm x 3.5cm 

Can I return the book if I am not happy with it?

Yes, but it must be in the condition you received it. Read more information in our refunds page.

Can you post to an alternative address as a gift?

Yes, all our books are posted without an invoice.
Make sure you put the recipients address in the postage details.

Can I include a note in the gift?

Unfortunately we do not offer this as a service. 
We do however, have an e-gift note that you can send to the recipient via email.
You simply fill out the e-gift note with a personalised message and then email it to the recipient. 
The e-gift note alerts them that a gift will arrive soon in the mail from Truly Amor. Email us for your e-gift note.